There is a lot of factors to consider when choosing a CASp inspector to evaluate your facility. Some of these include: Price, Experience, Inspection / Report Thoroughness, Availability, and Ongoing Support. It’s important to consider all of these factors when choosing a CASp because you may end up with an inaccurate or incomplete report and it can end up costing you much more in the future.


What sets Certified Access Services apart for other consulting companies?

Consulting is our Only Business  –  Many CASps are architects or contractors that offer CASp inspections as a way to drive work to their primary business. This creates a conflict of interest as we have seen several instances where a consultant will identify high cost barriers that are not actually required to be removed. We have no such conflict because we do not perform any barrier removal and thus have no reason to identify barriers unless they are actually required to be removed.

Service and Response Times  – Some companies take days to respond to calls or emails. Our sales staff respond immediately to calls and emails. We answer all of your questions and provide the best service in the industry.

We Care – We started this company to help businesses avoid being hit with lawsuits. Our goal is to help business owners reduce their exposure to a costly lawsuit and in the process make their products and services accessible to a wider range of the population.

How much does a CASp inspection cost?

The pricing depends on the scope of the area to be surveyed. By filling out our FREE ESTIMATE form, we will be able to provided you with an accurate quote. Every CASp uses a different method to determine price but only competent consultants will inquire about the details of your property before issuing an estimate. ADVISORY: If you are shopping for a CASp inspection and they offer to beat anyone’s price without doing their own proper due diligence, that should raise a red flag. 

How thorough are the inspections and reports?

Our inspectors are sometimes called “picky”, and we consider it a compliment. You want your CASp inspector to be thorough because even small barriers can expose you to a “shakedown lawsuit” and they are often the easiest/cheapest violations to fix. A confidential CASp report by Certified Access Services is going to detail every barrier in the inspected areas. Each barrier will include: Photos, Diagrams, As-Built Measurements, Federal and State Citations and Recommendations. Our inspectors use the highest quality reporting technology in the industry and you will find that they are head and shoulders above the competition. A sample report can be downloaded here.

Does Certified Access Services provide support after the inspection is complete?

YES! Our customers are clients for life. If you ever have any questions about your report or barriers at your facility, our support team are always available to help. If you need assistance with barrier removal, we can help you find a contractor that can perform the work correctly. Additionally, we scan court records regularly to identify serial litigant patterns. If we see a trend of lawsuits in your area or find that they are looking for certain violations that are common in your industry, we will alert you to this.