Restaurant CASp Inspections

Restaurant CASp Inspections

Restaurant CASp Inspections

Restaurants are one of the most heavily targeted industries for serial litigants of ADA lawsuits. Having your restaurant CASp inspected before you are targeted will save you tens of thousands of dollars in statutory damages and legal fees. We are very experienced in this industry and serviced everything from national fast-food chains to fine dining restaurants.

What Elements Will Be Surveyed During a Restaurant CASp Inspection?

We will survey all of the public areas of the facility including:

  • Parking
  • Interior and Exterior Dining Table & Seating
  • Doorways and Landings
  • Interior and Exterior Path of Travel
  • Transaction Counters
  • Condiment & Refreshment Counters
  • Ramps and Stairways
  • Restrooms
  • Baby Changing Tables
  • Other Elements Available to the Public
Handicap Table

What If My Restaurant Has Already Had a Claim Filed?

The legal benefits that come with a CASp inspection only apply to claims filed after the CASp inspection. However, we can create a report to evaluate only the items listed in the lawsuit to determine the validity of the claim and then perform a CASp inspection for the rest of the facility at the same time so that you can be protected against claims filed in the future.